Sam Kantimathi

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Sam Kantimathi is president of FATIGUE CONCEPTS, a consulting firm based in El Dorado Hills, California. El Dorado Hills is located between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe in the Sierra-Nevada foothills near Sacramento. FATIGUE CONCEPTS specializes in metal fatigue, fracture mechanics, damage tolerance analysis and customized training programs in Fatigue, Damage Tolerance, Aging Aircraft, Corrosion Control, Aircraft Sustainment, and Human Factors training at your location.

Inspired mainly by the new COVID realities, Sam has invested in e-training platforms to deliver a dozen Structures-related courses to clients worldwide. These are available to you now!

FATIGUE CONCEPTS is a world leader in providing Aircraft Structural Integrity training to fit your needs and your budgets. Sam Kantimathi pioneered THE AGING AIRCRAFT COURSE and has been teaching engineers, scientists, mechanics and managers worldwide for nearly forty (40 years)!

Mr. Kantimathi teaches a variety of aircraft maintenance related courses around the world for various companies, airlines, FAA, CAA and other National Authorities (CAAs). In 2013, FATCON added MSG-3 to its offered courses and has rapidly become the #1 provider. Aviation Administrations about MSG-3 and allied Maintenance-related courses. Mr. Kantimathi conducted two one-week classes for Princeton University and also one-to-two week courses at numerous organizations including Boeing Company, AIRBUS, USAF, NLR (Netherlands), FAA, Singapore Airlines, US Navy, RAAF, Lufthansa Technik, US Army, Coast Guard, Pratt & Whitney, NASA, Sikorsky and several dozens of companies in five continents.

Prior to founding FATIGUE CONCEPTS, Mr. Kantimathi held senior engineering positions at AeroStructures, Inc. and Beech Aircraft Corporation, where fatigue and fracture mechanics substantiation of Beechject 400, Commuter Model 1900, and the King Air were being performed. At AeroStructures his responsibilities included fatigue and fracture mechanic evaluations of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft structures. He developed and installed a fatigue crack initiation tracking program for the F-4S fleet in the US Navy. It was the first sequence-accountable scheme employed by the Naval Air Development Center for its quarterly “Structural Appraisal of Fatigue Effects” (SAFE) reports.

For four recent years, he was the sole instructor in his five-day workshop at George Washington University entitled “Minimizing the Danger of Fatigue in Metals and Composites.” He also prepares and executes a phenomenally successful course for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) called “Fracture Mechanics – Aerospace Applications” and also one on Advanced Fracture Mechanics. AIAA added his course entitled “Aerospace Structural Accidents” to its course offerings in 1995. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in design methods, fatigue, wear, fracture and materials.

In 2014, Sam Kantimathi was unanimously inducted as an Associate into the International Federation of Airworthiness. He is an Associate Fellow of AIAA since 1991. Sam served on a voting capacity in E08.04, .05 and .06 Technical Committees on fatigue and fracture of American Society for Testing and Materials, (ASTM). He is also affiliated with ASM International, Association for Talent Development, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, and Vertical Flight Society.  Sam Kantimathi earned a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology and an MS degree in mechanical engineering from Wichita State University, home of the acclaimed aerospace institution of excellence, National Institute of Aviation Research, NIAR.

Sam Kantimathi is the author of the upcoming AIAA book entitled “Fracture Mechanics – Aerospace Applications.” He was a contributor to the 1992 ASM International Handbook of Case Histories in Failure Analysis. He has published papers in SAE and ASME journals and lectured at a meeting of ASM International. Mr. Kantimathi actively campaigned for, and participated in the publication of “Case Studies for Fatigue Education” following the ASTM symposium of the same name. He has also presented an invited paper to the New Challenges in Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Conference in Singapore, in conjunction with Singapore Airshow.

Lockheed Martin, MOOG, Lawrence Livermore National Labs and LORD Corporation are among the companies that have utilized Sam Kantimathi consulting.

Sam Kantimathi has recently received extensive training on aircraft structural repair analysis, human factors, aircraft loads and corrosion prevention from a few institutions including University of California, LexTech – AFGROW, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing and US Air Force Academy.